Crossover Courses

On an international level, certified research divers are certified as European Scientific Divers / Advanced European Scientific Divers and can work on this basis in many parts of the world. Foreign research divers with the certification „European Scientific Diver / Advanced European Scientific Diver“ are fully recognised in Germany.

The use of scientific divers from other (non-European) countries or with other (national) certifications for scientific diving must be checked in individual cases. KFT offers so-called crossover courses for scientific divers from the US or Canadian region with a valid and written AAUS (American Academy of Underwater Sciences) or CAUS (Canadian Academy of Underwater Sciences) certification. Within the scope of these courses, the corresponding US or Canadian licenses are converted to the Certified Research Diver / European Scientific Diver.


The background and course contents of the crossover courses as they are currently held in agreement with BG Bau can be found in the following document.  

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